More on Max and Ingmar

Its well known Ingmar Bergman saw film as art, not commercial ventures. Ingmar Bergman's films I highly recommend are The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries.(He usually recast the same team of actors which included Max Von Sydow)

Berman's "Death" in Seventh Seal is not such a campy "Grim Reaper" (it's not Max)

I adored his semi-autobiographical Fanny and Alexander, a less abstract color film that was aimed at a broader audience, but was also criticized within the profession for being shallow and commercial. With a childs point of view of good vs. evil in a Swedish 18th century festive Christmas setting I didn't need the subtitles to enjoy this bountiful tapestry of visually delightful costumed charactors. Max, however, missed out on playing the evil bishop.

Max is still handsome! Also still employed. I was shocked to see his filmography extend through 2009. I didn't realize he's Chief Inspector Lee in Rush Hour 3! What a career!



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